Art is at its best when it evokes feelings. Art can be a vibrant memory of something you love or a statement piece that describes your style. Decorate your home with an unique piece of art. Give an unforgettable gift to someone special or bring refreshing vistas to the walls of your office. Enhance your own moods and the feelings of others.

I paint with acrylics by commission and sell my art on this page. Scroll down and read more about me and my services. Don't hesitate to contact! I'm looking forward to working with you.

"Tuutikki" - Acrylic on canvas - 2019
"Tuutikki" - Acrylic on canvas - 2019

The artist

Laura Winter, born 1992

Art has always been a big part of my life. At the age of twelve I painted my first oil paintings that were showcased in a gallery. I have vivid childhood memories from a summer I spend on an oil painting course in Eastern Finland. Already, at that time, I dreamt of my own art studio.

Working with creativity has always been a passion and a dream for me. Dreams became substantial goals at the age of twenty. Today I get my creative juices out in Helsinki as a light entrepreneur side by side with my nine-to-five job. Although oils have changed to acrylics, the passion is never ending.

My greatest inspiration comes from nature, past decades, different cultures and beauty. Cherishing the diversity of nature and its beauty is close to my heart and fundamental to my personal values.

Painting commissions

You might want to turn a photograph into a painting. Getting started with a painting project is quick and easy when the reference is already clear.

That's not always the case though. We can also design a painting with multiple references. The job is more efficient with high quality photographs. In these cases I'll provide the customer with a digital sketch. When the sketch is approved the painting project will begin.

We can also create something totally different and unique! Contact me and let's create innovative pieces together.

Work sample

Below you can see an example of a project where the sketch has been made digitally. The first picture (photographed by Pekka Winter) is the main reference. Additional photos were provided. The picture has high quality and is easy to work with. Second picture is the digital sketch - not perfectly drawn but a directive image for the final painting. The last picture is the finished acrylic painting in natural light.


Please note that the reference picture must have the permission of use from the original photographer. You can find inspiring elements from different photos but it's illegal to copy a photo straight into a painting and sell it.

Painting process


My goal is a happy customer. Subjects of paintings are often close to one's heart and emotional. In order to achieve a desired result, I ensure that we agree of all aspects and details before starting the painting. A successful customer experience is of paramount importance.


The painting project begins when a possible sketch is approved. I will also send the customer a picture of the finished painting for approval. To make sure the customer is happy with the outcome, the price includes a cost of couple of alterations.


I always paint the edges of the canvas neatly and carefully so that the painting is ready to be hanged on a wall. The finished painting is delivered securely packaged once the customer has approved the final result.

Terms of order

  • All prices are starting prices (including VAT and postal fees when shipped in Finland). The minimum fee is always 100€. Final price is determined by size, subject and complexity of the painting. All payments are determined before strating the project.
  • Negotiating installment payments might be possible in larger pieces. This is only possible if the customer is located within Finland.
  • If the painting is not done directly based on a photograph, a digital sketch will be sent to the customer to be approved before the painting begins. Fixing the sketch is free of charge.
  • Once the sketch has been approved and before the painting can start, a pre-payment of 30% should be paid. The pre-payment is non-refundable.
  • A schedule for completing the painting is determined before starting the project. In every project at least one month is scheduled for completing the painting. If the painting is completed prior to due date, there is no compensation on the price.
  • Urgent scheduling might be possible for an extra charge. The amount is project specific.
  • An image of the finished painting is sent to the customer for approval. The price includes two alterations. Any additional alterations are done with an extra fee that starts from 20 € per alteration (depending on the complexity of the work).
  • When the painting is fully paid, it will be delivered. Ownership of the painting is not transferred to the customer until the agreed price has been paid in full. Until payment, the artist owns the painting.
  • The painting is sold without framing. The edges (approx 2 cm) of the canvas are also neatly painted, whereby the painting is ready to be hung on its own without a frame.
  • The artist may post pictures of the finished painting and the painting process unless otherwise agreed. Customers reference photos will not be published by the artist.
  • Customer can make i.e. printed posters for private use. Pictures of the painting may not be sold.
  • Billing is done by using light entrepreneurship service provided by 


Starting prices - Including VAT 10 %

20 x 20 cm


20 x 40 cm


24 x 33 cm


30 x 30 cm


27 x 35 cm


33 x 41 cm


38 x 46 cm


46 x 55 cm


50 x 61 cm


54 x 65 cm


60 x 73 cm


89 x 116 cm


Minimum fee in smaller pieces is 100€. Sizes mentioned above are ready and available canvases. All sizes are approx. 2 cm thick (3,8 cm thickness also available). Ask for other canvas sizes also! Round and oval canvases are available too.